10 Things I love about my hubby <3

It is my tell it like it is day and I couldn’t think of a better topic to rave about then my hubby, Mike. He has been my rock lately and I am eternally grateful God brought him into my life thirteen years ago (time flies when you’re having fun:-) So, here are ten things I love about him in no particular order or relevance, really…
1. 1. He is incapable of lying without smiling, which is (of course) a dead giveaway.
2. 2. He would never admit it but he spoils our dogs and treats them like people.
3. 3. He has the capacity to revert back to being a 10 year old boy anytime our boys want to play outside, ride dirtbikes or play football.
4. He is the hardest working, most loyal human being I know. And babies love him.
5. He is predictable- I know that at 2:05pm EVERY DAY he is going to call and see how I am feeling.
6. He obsesses about mowing the lawn!
7. He loves and puts up with me and will do so forever.
8. Our kids respect and obey him and he expects them to treat me well, so they most often do.
9. He will try any food once and there is very little he will not eat (yet he is thin, WTH?)
10. He would rather spend time with me and the boys than do anything else on earth (except for “alone” time with me- he is a man! LOL)
(BTW- the doggy in the picture is not ours- she is my doggy cousin, Selena)

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